Luxembourg Lifelong Learning Center

Luxembourg Lifelong Learning Center (LLLC)

The cornerstone of the Luxembourg Lifelong Learning Center was laid in 1971. It has become one of the main continuing training operators on the labour market in Luxembourg.

The LLLC is an accredited training organisation offering a wide range of evening courses, seminars, university courses, specialized training and professional certifications.


The programme of training courses has registered extraordinary vertical and horizontal growth, so that today the LLLC has about 7.000 people signing up a year for all the training courses together.

It offers a plethora of diversified training courses outside working hours, decentralised in different locations and in several languages.

Over the years, numerous partnerships have been established with established continuing vocational training actors and renowned academic institutions. The CSL Training Center, LLLC can even boast of being one of the pioneers in the organisation of graduate studies in continuing education in Luxembourg.

The common spirit behind all training programmes can be summarised as follows:

  • enabling professionals to optimize their chances of promotion and development in companies;
  • give employees the means to consolidate their jobs or to retrain;
  • provide workers with tools and techniques to combat stress;
  • promote win-win management policies within companies and reduce the sources of suffering at work.


The training offer is built around 4 pillars:

  • short further training cycles: evening courses and seminars;
  • in-depth training cycles in finance, information technology and well-being at work;
  • higher training cycles like bachelor’s and master’s degrees;
  • certificates in information technology and other socio-economic domains.


The LLLC is an organisation accredited by the State on the continuing training market. The diplomas and certificates obtained by attending courses at the LLLC consequently entitle the holder to personal training leave and co-funding offered by the State to training companies.

Thanks to the cooperation and other agreements signed with foreign university institutions and other reputable training organisations, the LLLC organises higher training cycles leading to the acquisition of one to one degrees from the partner universities.

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