Fédération des Artisans Asbl

The Federation of Craftsmen

(Fédération des Artisans) is the umbrella organization of Luxembourg’s craft industry with 47 professional federations attached to it.

Today’s digitalization of communication, business and production processes, known under the term “Industry 4.0”, has an essential impact on the craft business.

As Craftsmen organization we made it to our mission to support the companies in creating and implementing their own digital strategy. In order to do that, our focus is based on information and consulting. More specifically, the Federation of Craftsmen organizes workshops, has its own experts in digitization and is building up a digital marketplace in order to help as many companies as possible to make the step into the digital world.


Fédération des Artisans
2, Circuit de la Foire Internationale
L-1347 Luxembourg
T: 424511 - 34
F: 424525