DTMD University for Digital Technologies in Medicine and Dentistry,

a private university under Luxembourg law, headquartered at “Château de Wiltz”, faces the challenges of the increasing digitization at all levels of business and society leading to new demands on modern health care.

Together with renowned outstanding universities from all over Europe DTMD drives an European VET-Project (Vocational Education and Training) to offer dedicated postgraduate, professional courses as well as curricular trainings for dentists and dental technicians in cooperation with dental medical chambers.

The European DTMD project is aimed at teaching and research on the following topics

  • the implementation and the operation of digital infrastructures as the basis for the cross-location information, technology and knowledge exchange between medical care and research as well as for the networking of stakeholders,
  • the comprehensive use of interactive ICT resources to ensure patient-friendly medical technologies and the "empowered patient", who is informed and able to act,
  • the optimization of sustainable efficiency and savings potentials for the health care system.


University for Digital Technologies in Medicine and Dentistry Luxembourg
(DTMD Luxembourg)
Château de Wiltz
9516 Wiltz