Docler Holding

About Docler Holding

Docler Holding is a multinational IT company counting more than 150 developers in Luxembourg and 1000 people worldwide.
Docler Holding is strongly contributing to the local ICT ecosystem through the recruitment every year of around 100 developers coming from all over Europe. It goes without saying that - as in every other technology company - these developers never stay long in the same company and move around easily. Therefore, these recruitments contribute to the resourcing of the local market by bringing as well as relocating a large amount of extra foreign talents. This serves the entire ecosystem and fills the gap of the “missing talents” and/or “talents acquisition”.

The creation of the Pitch Your Startup ( competition is also a major initiative raising Luxembourg’s profile worldwide when it comes to startups and entrepreneurship. Last year, 200 applications were received from 25 different countries. At the end, 19 startups pitched in front of a high-profile and expert Jury, during ICTSpring Europe. The promotion and communication of this event is done worldwide through a number of channels, always positioning Luxembourg and the local ICT market at the forefront. The diversity of the applications’ fields is important to note: Fintech, Entertainment and Marketing, Media, e-commerce, Space, IoT, VR and AI.

The co-organisation of the biggest national Hackathon, Game of Code (, is also a key contribution to the ICT scene. Docler Holding has been designing one of the two tech challenges – the 2nd one being created by Digital Lëtzebuerg - for the past two years and has been bringing around 30 developers from the company to take part. The ability to bring resources and great content to this event has been key to drive it further and get a total of 150 developers on board.

Technology and development is the core essence of the company. Bringing extra expertise to Luxembourg has been a key driver for the company. An example of this fact is the recent acquisition of Streamago from the Italian telco giant Tiscali. Streamago is a social media platform and community that allows its users to create and share live videos and live selfies publicly Facebook, Twitter, and Streamago itself or privately on WhatsApp and Messenger. It already counts more than 3.5 Million registered users, 1.5 Million monthly unique users, 130 Million app launches and around 150 000 broadcasts per day. This platform is an additional contribution to the local market and to the global IT scene in general.

Another interesting contribution is the new sport, Teqball (, and its ‘soon to be developed’ R&D and technology department in Luxembourg. It is a nice and entertaining add-on to the Luxembourg ecosystem in general.