We are CIONET, the biggest community of IT executives worldwide.

With a membership of over 6500 CIOs, CTOs and IT Directors across Europe and South America, CIONET has the expertise and pioneering vision to solve or address any IT management challenge.
These 6500 IT executives, each in charge of a department of 10’s to 1000’s of IT experts, together form a collective, organic brain of 100000’s IT management specialists.
We care for IT executives and their challenges.

CIONET Luxembourg membership is around 120 CIOs, CTOs and CDOs.
Our focus is on developing the community by making it more interactive, better connected and, of course, bigger. We organise all kinds of activities, all with the objective of making our members grow, in knowledge, insights and skills.

We use this knowledge and the power of the CIONET community outside-in and inside-out.
Outside-in: by attracting and inviting specialists, thought leaders and developers in any field related to information management of added value to our members.
Inside-out: by using the brainpower of our expert and experienced members and promoting synergies between them.
We also strive to help our partners understand and implement innovative IT management strategies and solutions through sharing information, sponsoring research and gaining access to our community. The same goes for governments and other organisations.


CIONET Luxembourg
153-155 Rue du Kiem
Entrée B
L-8030 Strassen
T: +352 26 10 86 26
F: +352 26 10 86 27