Chambre des salariés

The Chambre des salariés (CSL)

was created by the law of April 4th, 1924 establishing the elected professional chambers.
The CSL defends the interests of over 480.000 active and retired employees, residents and cross-border commuters in Luxembourg!
The CSL is involved in the legislative procedure. It writes opinions on bills submitted by the Government.
The CSL represents active and retired employees with the exception of civil servants and public employees. It is represented in different advisory bodies at national and European levels. It nominates representatives to National Healthcare Funds (CNS) and National pension Insurance Funds (CNAP), the social Security Tribunal and the labour tribunal,
The CSL informs employees about their rights and on socio-economic issues. It publishes theme books on labour law and social security, the labour market and of general interest. It issues publications that deal with social and economic issues. It writes position papers to feed the socio-economic debates.
The CSL is actively involved in VET and CVET (continuous Vocational Education and Training) and offers training programmes for adults and union representatives.

18 rue Auguste Lumière
L-1950 Luxembourg

B.P. 1263
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