CCUnirent System GmbH

CCUnirent was founded in 2002 in Nuremberg with the aim to offer medium-sized car rental businesses a roof that on one hand leaves them the largest possible entrepreneurial freedom, while on the other hand enables them to profit from the acquisition and distribution advantages of a large corporation. Today CCUnirent develop products, IT systems, brands, web distribution platforms and services as a MaaS (Mobility as a Service) Provider.

For the owners of the mobility brands CCUnirent provides the franchisecenter and handles all processes of marketing, sales, knowledge transfer, business planning and operation. Since 2010 the CCUnirent System GmbH has been the operator of the in-house rental system of the Mazda dealers for Mazda Motors (Germany) GmbH under the brand name of Mazda Mobil In addition, since the beginning of 2015CCUnirent is the executive operator of „Schwedenflotte“, the mobility brand by Volvo Car Germany GmbH for the German dealers of the Swedish importer. The latest mobility service InMotion Rent was launched in cooperation with Jaguar Land Rover in 2017.

Designing and conducting creative and digital offers and programms for car manufacturers, fleet management company city council and mobility companies.

The core competences of the CCUnirent System GmbH are:

- Consulting and creation of sustainable business models.

- operational services from customer management to financial services

- innovative and made-to-measure IT-Solutions

- Industry and business model know-how trainings in our own academy

- Management of heterogeneous Licence- and Franchise-Systems

- Strategic and operational Marketing support and press relations

- Solutions for the automation of Fleet

Four subsidiaries of the CCUnirent Group offer further services:

- Jurpex offers digital damage and insurance management.

- Ametras Rentconcept offers Back End Rental/Fleet Management Software.

- Insert Effect provides User Interface Designs and mobile Apps.

- Fuhrwerk Plus is responsible for operational and administrational services like a 24/7 hotline.