It is the 31.01.2017, 10:00 clock, the first guests roll along in the Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg. Today it is all about establishing a "National Coalition" with the aim of bringing together authorities, business, universities, research, education and training, the Chambers and, of course, everyone involved in the labor market.

Many guests from the "Business, Sciences and Government Institution" (EU O-Ton) had followed the invitation. The curiosity and the interest of all participants in the subject of digital skills & jobs was clearly felt, a lot of good ideas were collected and interesting and dedicated discussions took place.

Among other things it was proposed to offer workshops at the launch event of the National Coalition with the aim of creating a clear added value for the visitors, in addition to the interesting speeches by Xavier Bettel and Thierry Geerts (Google).

At the beginning of the presentation, led by the LIDIT project manager Lucien André Reuter, Nico Binsfeld, CEO of the House of Training, summarized the status quo of the project. Highlighting the fact that due to its own national commitment Luxembourg is now playing a vital role in the EU-wide project of mobilizing and activating digital competences and jobs and will thus also enjoy greater visibility in Brussels. Nico Binsfeld and Marc Ant also pointed out the present study e-Skills and Claudine Kariger (Digital Lëtzebuerg) assured the support of her house.

An important item on the agenda was the naming of the Luxembourg National Coalition. It was quickly agreed on the name

"Digital Skills Coalition Lëtzebuerg".

This is to highlight the affiliation to the EU's Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, as well as the reference to the country of Luxembourg and the focus on the improvement of digital competences in order to increase quality both in the private and in the professional