Get Online Week

The European Get Online Week

is an annual digital empowerment campaign that engages and encourages people to use technology and the Internet with confidence and with skills that allow them to benefit from the world of online opportunities. Supported by corporations, NGOs & public authorities, the campaign is organized each year in March by Telecentre Europe (TE), an umbrella organisation that represents European networks of ICT learning centres.

In 2017, GOW is organised for the first time in Luxembourg by our new National Partner – the House of Training.
get more informations here: Get Online Week - Luxembourg

As partners

To become a partner in this campaign, your organization could join the existent partnership:
Contact Person: Lucien André Reuter

As supporters

Should you wish to become a sponsor of the Get Online Week campaign, you can do so in a number of ways. You could support national networks in the country/countries, in which you operate, by helping with local promotion or PR, through direct sponsorship, or you could support the campaign centrally.

House of Training