To create a Competence Center Information and Communication Technologies (CdC ICT).

The purpose of the ICT Competence Center is to create appropriate structures and to use tools appropriate, means to equip ICT industry companies with a sufficient number of qualified employees who are capable of working with changing technological, managerial and economic challenges.

The ICT Competence Center has a threefold objective:

  • to create a coherent and integrated vocational training model,
  • to introduce a permanent technology and innovation transfer and
  • together with the ADEM, to support the solidarity economy by introducing measures for jobseekers.

The ICT Competence Center also sees itself as a structuring and coordination platform, which brings together various initiatives and projects in the area of ​​further education. In this perspective, the Competence Center will, on the one hand, structure, professionalize and, on the other, develop new offers that are appropriate to the sector’s challenges.


The ICT Competence Center is structured according to the modalities of the European Qualifications Framework (CEC / EQF).
which offer the opotunity of a career-enhancing further development of employes, start from a basic training (EQF 1-4) to an in-depth specialization (EQF 5-8).
In practice, the Center of Competences Génie Technique du Bâtiment will offer the basic training (EQF 1-4) in the craft sector, while the House of Training and the Institute Supérieur de l’Economie will be responsible for the specializations (EQF 5-8).To achive this, a Faculty for Information and Communication Technologies will be set up at the Institut Supérieur de l’Economie. The core idea of ​​the ICT Competence Center is to work as a virtual education platform that aims to create a matching system between the individual training needs of workers and companies, on the one hand, and the broad ICT training offer on the other, as well as the different eLearning technologies to acquire.


To achieve this goal, the 4 Partners:

  • House of TrainingThe House of Training is a new entity that fosters most of the employers’ training offer, namely the Luxembourg School for Commerce (LSC), the Institut de Formation Bancaire (IFBL), the Transfert de Technologie Financière (ATTF) As well as the Department of Education of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, the Ordre des Architectes et Ingénieurs-Conseils (OAI), as well as, in principle, the Chamber of Craftsmen.
  • Institut Supérieur de l’Economie„ISEC-Institut Supérieur de l’Économie“ was founded at the initiative of Luxembourg’s Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Crafts in order to foster a value-chain approach to continuing vocational training by creating pathways towards part-time tertiary curricula.
    „ISEC-Institut Supérieur de l’Économie” offers both certificate and degree programs. The degrees are awarded as Bachelors or Masters, in accordance with the Bologna standard. Not only does „ISEC-Institut Supérieur de l’Économie” provide opportunity for vocational studies on a part-time basis, students can also earn ECTS-credits for their work placements or vocational trainings within companies.
    The key guiding principle of „ISEC-Institut Supérieur de l’Économie“ is based on a dual training model, which combines practical on-the-job training and theoretical classroom learning. Courses and degrees are available in areas such as Business Administration, Management and „Entrepreneurial Spirit“. Specializations, such as Logistics or Quality Management, will complete the offering.
    Thanks to close ties to economic networks, „ISEC-Institut Supérieur de l’Économie” ensures practice-oriented training which meets the business needs while imparting academic theoretical knowledge. Through its partnership with Luxembourg’s employer organisations, „ISEC-Institut Supérieur de l’Économie” maintains privileged ties with chambers, associations and higher education institutions from the Greater Region (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Wallonia, Saarland, Lorraine, Rhineland-Palatinate and the German-speaking community of Belgium).
  • Centre de Compétences Génie Technique du BâtimentThe aim of the CdC GTB is to create a structured and coherent vocational training offer in the craft sector, which aims to provide the employees of the craft enterprises with the competencies which they must constantly expand in the area of ​​technological, operational and economic changes.
  • ICT LuxemburgICTluxembourg works as a coordination platform for the trade associations representing the ICT sector in Luxembourg, with the aim to enhance synergies, exchange of information and best practices between all the players of the sector. It supports and fosters ICT related projects and initiatives throughout the country for a strong national positioning and a more effective international reach.
    ICTluxembourg is the single voice for the ICT industry in Luxembourg, representing the interests of all national and international companies and supporting key initiatives. ICTluxembourg acts as the spokesperson for the ICT industry in Luxembourg when it comes to having contact with major authorities, such as the public agency Luxembourg for Business – Proud to promote ICT, or even when it comes to reach specific Ministries and pass on key messages from the ICT market.
    On the international level, ICTluxembourg works in close cooperation with Luxembourg for Business – Proud to promote ICT, for the promotion of Luxembourg and the ICT market. Besides, ICTluxembourg participates in the business and trade missions organized by the Luxembourg government.

will work together as LIDIT and will work closely with the manufacturers and suppliers of the ICT industry.